Stronger together, we are 10 Strong

About 10 Strong

Simply, we are a group of moms who have all had a child diagnosed with cancer and go through treatment at OU Children’s hospital. We’re 10 Strong because we’ve all lived on the 10th floor and, honestly, because we have to be.

Our journeys with cancer are all different but we agree that the support we received from each other was invaluable. The support doesn’t end when treatment stops, we continue to support each other and the families currently fighting.

When a kid fights cancer, the whole family fights cancer. Encouraging parents and playing with siblings is as important as the toy cart is for the patients. That’s where 10 Strong comes in. We’re not in the toy business, we’re in the business to make memories, giving families something to look forward to and making the ordinary day on the cancer floor a little more pleasant. Some of these kids don’t leave the floor for months and their parents spend their days in a small room feeling like a character on Ground Hog Day.

But these kids and parents have learned that when they see the 10 Strong signs up, something fun is happening. “It’s Wednesday” holds excitement instead of dread; they know Wednesday is the best day to fight cancer and they have something to look forward to. Our Wednesday night parties have been a huge success on the floor and we continue to find more ways to help our families and improve our 10th floor. Our next project is creating a Parent Lounge!!! We just need the hospital to give us the space 🙂

Your support has made our projects possible and we are so grateful! Please continue to support and together we will make a difference in the world of childhood cancer!!

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