Stronger together, we are 10 Strong

About us

about us graphic blk:white-1Support is essential during a fight with cancer and a group of cancer moms can offer this in a unique way. We don’t try to say the right thing, we have tips on how to loop central lines so they don’t catch, we don’t underestimate the value of a great cup of coffee, we’re the ones standing right beside you even on the hardest days.

Our group started in 2013 with 10 moms. Each of us had heard the words “your child has cancer” and we had all lived on the 10th floor of OU Children’s hospital. Our mission was to raise money for St. Baldricks to fund more childhood cancer research, but we knew we would accomplish more together. That year we raised $60K, shaved our heads and inspired many with our kids’ stories.

We will continue to raise money for St. Baldricks each year but our mission today is to support and encourage our families currently going through treatment. We like to say we’ve made Wednesday the best day to fight cancer…..bringing a party to the 10th floor every single Wednesday night. We come to celebrate holidays, cook for the families staying at the Kids Korral and set up great things like the Keurigs so you can enjoy that great cup of coffee! We come up to meet new families, see the kids smile and encourage our friends that have been in too many days. Basically, we want to help create a few happy memories for your family and improve morale during this impossible time.

If we can help in some way, bring you Starbucks, add you to our prayer list, please let us know. Cancer is hard but know that we are here fighting with you.

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