Stronger together, we are 10 Strong


We say stronger together, we are 10 Strong. No matter where you are with your child’s cancer journey, the support and encouragement from our group is invaluable. When you’re in the hospital we can bring you coffee, do your laundry or just be there to talk or listen. Away from the hospital, meet us out for lady’s night, family picnics or one of our upcoming events. Regardless of your treatment schedule or crazy life, there are endless ways to get connected and be a part of this amazing thing we call 10 Strong.

stronger together


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Cancer moms and families have been supporting each other forever, but 10 Strong is a relatively new concept and is growing and helping in more ways than we originally imagined. We are excited to create additional support groups within our group (perhaps for dads, siblings, hemophilia parents, prayers groups, teenage fighter groups, etc). Please feel free to share your ideas and help us grow 10 Strong so that we may help and encourage everyone who walks on our 10th floor.

Please continue to share our community page with your friends and family. The support from our friends and family around us is essential to keeping 10 Strong moving forward. Awareness is key to our children’s futures.


1 week ago

10 Strong

Once a year we take up a pin full of puppies for our cancer fighters and siblings to adopt. We had a bunch of smiling kiddos last night and no doubt Rocco, Snowflake, Max, Skye, Rocky, Tulip, Bella, Gogo and all the other puppies are loving their new families 🐶❤️ ...

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1 month ago

10 Strong

It’s always a bummer to miss your school Valentine’s party, especially when you’re fighting cancer. We made sure to bring the V-day party essentials to our Wednesday night party this week.....DIY Valentines, heart shaped cookies and “love shacks” to decorate, fun treats, Katiebug’s specialty cakes and yummy punch. Everybody felt the love 💕 ...

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