Stronger together, we are 10 Strong

Meet the ladies

Our 10 Strong group is made up of a team of six individuals and a larger team of volunteers. While we gave ourselves titles to be formal, we all operate together and rely on each other 100% of the time.

beth-1 Beth McDowell

Events and parties have always been her thing but a new passion surfaced after her 16 month old daughter, Mia, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and went through 15 months of treatment. Mia is now five and treatment is over but the connection to childhood cancer and the people in it continues. Finding her strength in the Lord and believing “all things to glorify Christ” has helped put cancer, life and helping others into perspective. 10 Strong has become a way for her to encourage and help others, furthering the positive effects from her daughter’s cancer. Getting to plan details and set up fun events is just the cherry on top.

nicole soda-1Nicole Howard

No one balances life like Nicole. She is a mom to six kids and makes juggling our 10 Strong events with her daily responsibilities look easy. Nicole was first introduced to 10 Strong during our 2nd annual Christmas Eve PJ party. Her eight month old son, Blake, was in the hospital receiving treatment for JMML leukemia and her family was thankful for the fun evening and the memories made. Blake passed from complications during his second stem cell transplant just before his first birthday. 10 Strong wouldn’t have the impact it does without Nicole’s passion and choice to honor her son through serving others. She hasn’t missed a Wednesday yet!


Jordan Keith

10 Strong’s constant rock is Jordan Keith. Through all of life’s storms, she has continued to focus on 10 Strong’s mission, knowing its impact is invaluable. While her son, Charlie, was in treatment, she took the time to serve others on Wednesdays. She pushed for the organization to grow and become what it is today, all while fighting cancer with her son. Charlie passed and will be forever seven. Jordan will forever fight against childhood cancer. As a part of 10 Strong, Jordan is standing strong and using the storms in her life to glorify God’s kingdom until she sees her son again.

stephanie-1Stephanie Butler

Stephanie has a huge heart and a knack for all things party, perfect combination for 10 Strong. She met a few of the other mamas the first week her son, Nathan, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and they’ve been supporting each other ever since. We all know there are no words for many of the situations in our community but somehow Stephanie’s always touch the heart. Its been 3 1/2 years since she become a cancer mama, Nathan is now 2 years off treatment and she continues to encourage and support the families who are on the path she knows so well.

nikki-1Nikki Hunt & Disa Anderson

These two sisters have been stronger together way before cancer. Their bond was strengthen when Nikki’s 2 year old daughter, Jayla, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. With Jayla now in heaven, the sisters have found strength in family and in 10 Strong’s mission. This mama and honorary mama are passionate about helping and sharing their hearts with every family currently going through treatment.

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