Stronger together, we are 10 Strong

Ways you can help

When you’ve lived in the world of childhood cancer, awareness becomes a passion. If you choose to stand with us and make a difference in our community, we thank you with our whole hearts! Whether you have time, money, lots of friends or a big heart, there are a million ways to help.


Cash or credit card donations are amazing. Prepping for weekly events means constant orders from and shopping in 10 different grocery stores and specialty shops for our supplies. Any monetary donation you make is greatly appreciated and the events we do each week would not be possible with out the support. THANK YOU!

Gift cards. If a specific monetary donation is more your style, gift cards are the way to go. Braum’s is one of our top stores for weekly supplies along with SAMs Club, Walmart and Family Video.

Shop for supplies. We have a huge supply list posted on the “supporter’s tab” and if you picked up a couple things each time you were at the store it would help in a big way and I doubt you’d even notice it on the receipt. Items like syrup, fun varieties of chocolate chips, cans of pie filling for waffle night, real butter, praline pecans, devil’s food cake mix, club soda, fun size candy bars – just a few that come to mind. Check out the full list for more ideas.


If you’d rather do something specific, something you can pour your heart into, let’s sit down over coffee and discuss. We are currently working on a KCup drive, Totes for mom and creating a full service parent lounge on our 10th floor. Oh and we’re still trying to figure out how to finance a Redbox franchise at our hospital…..any ideas?

Let’s get your people involved! Your church group, ball team, office staff, extended family….take it from us, stronger together!

Have a special talent? A business that can help in a special way? Big Truck Tacos catered food for the entire floor once and our families and nurses LOVED it….just saying. We have lots of ideas that involve hair stylists, face painters, photographers, building projects, fun food and so many more. Let us know what you do and we’ll help think of an awesome way to get you plugged in.


Buy a shirt…..and wear it!! We print on super comfy t-shirts so that you’ll enjoy wearing your 10 Strong shirt and, when you do, you’ll be a walking billboard for childhood cancer – win win. Click on the “shop” tab to order yours.

Coin drive. Having a seriously huge community coin jar at the nurses station is on our to-do list. For kids that are confined to the 10th floor, strolling down to the vending machine is truly the only permissible outing. So maybe simply save your coins or collect from around your neighborhood or classroom.

Finance a bunch of (foil) balloons and we’ll help you deliver them to the floor. Life is better when we focus on the small things and a single ballon is one of the simplest, but so significant in the eyes of a child.


Like our community pages and share them! Share our weekly updates. Awareness is key and our goal is to spread awareness with a positive light.

Tell 5 people about 10 Strong and childhood cancer. Encourage them to tell 5 more.

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