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Many agree, Wednesday is the best day to fight cancer! 

With little to look forward to during treatment and confinement to the 10th floor, 10 Strong moms knew there was a need for some fun on our floor. Our goal was to give our families something to look forward to. Wednesdays quickly became the best day to fight cancer.

Each Wednesday evening the 10 Strong wagons roll onto the floor. “They’re here!” Kids are excited and parents are anxious to get out of their hospital room. We have five regular events that rotate around special events. Waffle Night, Milk & Cookies, Italian Soda Bar, Movie Night and, the newest, Ice Cream Social.


This was our first event and definitely a favorite for many. We set up two double belgian waffle irons along with a mickey and a minnie iron for the kids. Endless toppings and a feature waffle are on the menu and serving up 70+ waffles in a couple hours is the norm.




Hospital rules keep us from whipping up from-scratch cookies, but we roll onto the 10th floor with our frozen Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough and commercial oven and within minutes the entire floor smells like grandma’s house. We typically serve up four varieties and several flavors for the milk. Story hour for the kids tops off the evening!

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Our italian sodas are great because its something new to many of our families. We pair them with hot pretzels, baked in our portable oven, topped with salt or cinnamon/sugar. Its a more laid back evening that allows us to meet more families and play with the kids. We love italian soda night!

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Movie night is special. Our set up includes a big screen, projector, blackout curtains, beanbags, and a full concession stand. The kids look forward to it all day and by 6:15, the concession stand lines are forming and kids are claiming their seats. Its a night out for these families and does amazing things for morale on our floor.




Ice cream was a popular request on the floor and we set out to make it happen. Our 10 Strong Ice Cream Social menus includes your favorite flavors, toppings galore, featured sundaes, shakes and floats. We wear hilarious bow ties and soda jerk hats and I’m pretty sure some of the kids think its a legit ice cream shoppe.

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